In this inaugural episode of the Penzu Podcast, meet our host Nathan Ohren, a well-versed personal transformation and business coach who happens to be a passionate journal-writing expert. Nathan interviews Jinny Ditzler, a Huffington Post contributor, best-selling author and success coach. Her book, Your Best Year Yet, tops the Amazon charts year after year because of its proven method to get people beyond the typical new-year resolution burnout, and create their own twelve-month plan that really works. You’ll enjoy Jinny’s demonstration about why we often lose touch with our authentic self, despite our attempts to “get honest” with others. She also shares a journal-writing exercise designed to help you start creating your best year yet. Don’t miss her special offer to receive a 35-page PDF outlining the first three steps of the Best Year Yet program, and Nathan’s digital journaling tip.

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  1. Jack Henry Kraven

    I’ll be listening. Thanks, Penzu.

  2. Lisa

    Loved it! Thank you! Very inspiring! I will be following up with Jenny and Best Year

  3. Yevette

    I’m very excited to see a journal related podcast. You have some wonderful topics lined up.

    1. Nathan Ohren

      Thanks for the feedback, Yevette. We strive to bring some wonderful, well-known journal-writing experts, as well as some folks you may not have realized give at least some credit for their success to keeping a journal. I personally believe it is the best access to any type of personal development and growth.

  4. Holly

    Thank you Nathan for inviting Jinny Ditzler to be your guest on the Penzu podcast. I have been using the questions outlined in her book for several years. It was fun to hear her ideas in her own voice.

    1. Nathan Ohren

      Wow, Holly, I’m glad you got to meet the woman behind the words! Thanks for listening and I hope you find our other guests to be inspiring in new ways.

  5. Gerre Brenneman

    Can I get rid of the podcast button in the lower right hand corner or every single page of my journal? I’ve listened.

    1. penzu_admin

      Hi Gerre – You should be able to remove the podcast player by opening the widget and hitting the little X in the lower right hand corner. Let us know if you can’t find it!

      Penzu Support

  6. Punita Arora

    Hi Nathan,

    I really enjoyed the first podcast in the series with Jinny Ditzler! I’ve been a Penzu member for several years and have a pro account. I don’t use it as often as I should, but this podcast will help me to change that in this year. I will get her book and reach out to her for her pdf. I look forward to more podcasts and thank you for helping me to make this a great year, for my business and my personal life!


    1. Nathan Ohren

      Hello Punita,

      Thanks for the feedback. We wanted our first episode to “hit the ground running” and I knew that timing couldn’t be better to introduce people to Jinny. I’m always amazed to learn about people who get a wonderful journal like Penzu, and then ignore it! So, I’m glad the podcast will help you to “keep on writing!” I look forward to hearing your reactions to the episodes coming up soon.

  7. Matthew Lee

    Awesome inaugural podcast! Wonderful insights and delightful discussion that encourages and excites me about journaling. Hope you keep these podcasts coming.

    1. Nathan Ohren

      I’m so glad you’re listening, Matthew. Stay tuned for another episode coming soon.

  8. J. Silva

    Thank you so much for doing these podcasts! I really love that external motivation to encourage me to use Penzu for continued growth and development. I have been using Penzu since 2013 and plan on really working hard to “discover my deep well of wisdom” in 2016.

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