If you haven’t already heard the story of Hal Elrod’s remarkable physical and emotional recovery from what was considered a fatal car accident, you can listen to it here. In this episode of the Penzu Podcast, Nathan Ohren interviews Hal, focusing on the six habits he cultivated to redefine himself and his career. (Yep, it does include journal-writing!) Hal shares his best-selling book, The Miracle Morning, and discusses how you can develop a life-changing morning routine, even if you are not a “morning person.”

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  1. Julie Capell

    Thanks to Penzu for this great little chat with Hal Elrod. I had never heard of him before, but his suggestions for taking a small amount of time each morning to get clarity on your goals, and journal for just 5 minutes, really inspired me. I listened yesterday, and today I got up, exercised for the first time in weeks, and wrote in my Penzu journal for the first time in months. Can’t wait for the next podcast.

  2. Melanie

    Hey Nathan and Penzu! Like Julie, I also listened to your podcast yesterday and it extra motivated me to get my morning going and start my day right. I really enjoy the podcast and I am looking forward to what else you bring to your community. I am a journal rookie, but I would love to make it a regular thing. Thanks for the podcast and bring on the inspiration! GREAT chat with Hal Elrod, I have a feeling you really turned some things around for your listeners and community. Best wishes for a successful podcast!

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