Nathan Ohren knows there are just as many reasons to keep a journal-writing practice as there are people who do it. Some of the less-often noted are time-management and productivity. In this episode, Nathan interviews UJ Ramdas, the co-founder of Intelligent Change, and co-author of the widely referenced Five Minute Journal, With a passion for combining principles of psychology with business success, UJ creates tools that help people with productivity, self-awareness and time management. Nathan and UJ discuss why journal-writing is like a “toothbrush for the mind,” and also take a sneak-preview at UJ’s newly-released product, the Productivity Planner, which he designed to help people implement a proven method for organizing tasks and staying focused on the ones which are most critical to long-term happiness.

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  1. Yevette

    Just downloaded the five minute journal app! I’ve been journaling for twenty six years and look forward to trying something new.

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